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The Life Self-Mastery System - The Inner Circle - Who You Are LIVE with Joyce Stech

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The Inner Circle is the foundational step of the Life Self-Mastery System, where you will dive deep into the discovery of your spiritual self—the true essence of WHO YOU ARE. This 6-week live experience is structured to guide you through a process of personal insights, discoveries, releases, and healing, ultimately leading you to wake up every day with the genuine exclamation, "It's Great to be ME!"


In this 6-week program with Joyce you'll get:

  • The Royal Gems - The Inner Circle - All modules and materials for your perpetual use

You will discover the missing pieces to  Who You Are...

  • Discover the Confidence to change your life.
  • Activate Your Energy to get "unstuck" from your rut and get things moving.
  • Embrace Your Individuality and unique qualities.
  • Discover the Joy in your heart and manifest your heart's desires.
  • Increase Love and Compassion for yourself and others, uplifting your self-worth.

The Three Circles of Life

The Life Self-Mastery System encompasses three distinct circles, each representing a different aspect of your spiritual self:

  1. The Inner Circle - WHO YOU ARE: Discover and embrace your spiritual essence, uncovering the "missing pieces" of your true self.
  2. The Second Circle - WHAT YOU DO: Explore your purpose and passions, aligning your actions with your authentic self.
  3. The Third Circle - HOW YOU DO IT: Master the practical aspects of living in alignment with your true self, creating a life of fulfillment and joy.

Certificate with completion of class.

*Scheduled to start week of June 24, 2024. Reserve your spot now!