The Green Dragon - Protector

$325.00 USD

     Chao-feng:    Green Dragon          Royal Gems Emerald/Royal Gems Green Diamond


Is worrying making your stomach do spins, be upset, get "gasy"?

Got a stiff neck?

Need some exercise, some way to expel some of that pent up energy?

Green Dragon, earth element and searching for the answer of "WHO AM I?"

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Deepen your studies with Dragons with Adventure in Magic : INTRODUCTION TO DRAGONS

It like the 12 Days of Christmas....except you get 12 days (really 13 with the extra bonus day) of per day for 12 days. Every day you experience a different vibrational energy to, not only understand dragon energy.....its a way for you to expand your energetic awareness at the same time! The Dragons are a real treat, as they combine with the energies of the Royal Gems to bring you a synergistic energy explosion!