$497.00 USD

The Life Self-Mastery System - The Middle Circle- What You Do

How to live in this world at your fullest potential.

With the three big missing pieces to find - WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, and HOW YOU DO IT - the Middle Circle of Life (with Royal Gems as your tool), will explore WHAT YOU DO.

What you'll get:

  •   All modules and materials to the Royal Gems -The Middle Circle of Life for perpetual use
  • Discovering the missing pieces to WHAT YOU DO includes:

    1. Your foundational structure (what gives you security).

    2.Your acceptance of self and self value.

    3. Awaken your passion.

    4. Install your 5 virtues.

    5. Bring Joy into your life.

    6. Allow you to be loyal to your own inner convictions. 

  • Class is a 4 week duration. Each week delves into 2 specific subject material. 


LIVE with Joyce month of September 2023. This is a LIVE ONCE ONLY event. After September 2023 only on-line modules will be available.