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How To Feel Color And Live A More Vibrant Life


Live your most vibrant life!

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This powerful energy is everywhere, it's FREE, and it's as easy to slip on as a light sweater.....

Yet most people don't even know that it's theirs for the taking, any time you want.

Why are some people drawn to some colors more than others?


Are you ever distracted by words, phrases and thoughts about what you "should" be doing” and how to "fix” what’s bothering you? We're constantly bombarded by advice from books, podcasts, and articles.

Color vibrations are a simpler, more beautiful way to align your body and mind. 

Now you can  experience color on a deeper level...

Imagine if the next time you start to freak out about something, you’ll have an immediate, fun, and easy way to chill. No more knee-jerk reactions to common stressors: 

  • You have a decision to make and your internal mind-babble is creating a din of conflict.
  • You know you need to change the way you're relating to a co-worker (or a family member, or lover); but you just can’t get your emotions to align with your reasoning.
  • You find yourself in that same, old, funky headspace that always takes over when you try something new or meet that perfect someone.
  • You give in to the very thing you told yourself two hours ago you wouldn’t do. Really.
  • You’ve prepared, studied, taken your lumps, networked, and earned that new position or leadership role -- yet you lack the confidence to get there.
  • Your big mouth got you into trouble... again.
  • That a-hole just pulled the rug out from under you, cut you off, backstabbed you... and you’re ready to react NOW.


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just rise above all that crap? Now you can.

Best of all, it's astonishingly easy to learn.

FAQs about Royal Gems 1

Here you will find details on the delivery of the course, questions past students had about the content, as well as my "Love it or Money Back" satisfaction guarantee. Let's see if we're a good match...

Anyone can learn how to use Royal Gems Healing Matrix if you can see and/or feel colors. Even if you have no previous experience with energy or light healing. I do make references to chakras, but I give context, so you won’t be lost. You’ll also have plenty of time to ask questions. If you ever feel I am not clear, I’m happy to explain on one of the live calls.

No, this is not about choosing colors for the home. It’s about understanding the healing characteristics of a rare, specific palette of hand-chosen colors based on their ability to transform. While you may note some broad, common themes related to color (for example, red beryl is a spicy, hot color), I’ll show you the nuances of specific gems and the corresponding physical healing potential within each one. I’ve seen different people use them in many different ways, so you’ll get a ton of ideas for how to bring about unique experiences with each one.

Absolutely not! This is a stand-alone course. Extra tools or supplemental products are neither necessary nor beneficial. No other training is needed. However, at the end of the course, you may want to build on your skills with Royal Gems 2.

Royal Gems Matrix Healing System™ is a methodology created, produced, and taught by me, Joyce Stech. Hang tight! I’m currently writing my book on the exact content that I’ve taught to many other students. (Some are even teaching it to their own students now.) If you want to receive this teaching from the original creative source, I recommend signing up for this class now at the lowest price you’ll find anywhere. Win-win!

You literally learn and practice while you are taking the class. Each video will guide you through exercises so that you experience the immediate effects of each Royal Gem presented. It’s exciting and instantaneous!

It's very reasonable. Private sessions with me run about $3000 per day. The regular price for this course is $997, which includes live interaction with me. But today I'm offering the new Royal Gems 1 to all early enrollers at just $497! That's  -- 50% off the regular price, and it includes three opportunities to be on live calls with me throughout the course. The calls are scheduled for the last Thursday of the month for three months, as you work your way through thirteen gemstones. 

Yes! When you change your vibrational energy through Royal Gems work, you instantly change your outlook, your sensations, your impressions, and your thoughts. They have tentacles into every aspect of your life and relationships. The work and time you invest is up to you.

The online course is designed to give you the ultimate flexibility, however I will be unveiling each gem from week to week. Upon purchasing the course, you'll receive an ebook and an introductory video. TAKE NOTE: This special introductory session of Royal Gems 1 will be live beginning with the first Royal Gem White Diamond, on Thursday, Feb.7. After this course is finished on May 2, 2019, however, you will be able to access ALL the sessions on a platform where you go at your own pace. You can watch any time, and download all the supplemental worksheets at your convenience. Your login will always be private and secure.

Share as much as you want through comments, or stay as quiet as you like. Your choice.

One benefit to enrolling in Royal Gems 1 at this time is the accessibility to personal advice and insights from my experience working with these gems. Future students will not have access to the live calls with me, although they'll be recorded for everyone's future use. 

Even if you are the most balanced, harmoniously tuned individual, you just might learn something that will increase the vibration in your life. I’d love to share this with you even if your support system is rock solid, and/or you have other modalities you are working with. Work with Royal Gems only magnifies the effects of practices you already use in your life.

On top of metaphysical benefits, there are also very physical reasons for making smart use of Royal Gems in your daily life. Bee stings, stomach knots of indigestion due to stress, lethargy due to dejection... all these things are very real problems that can be fixed with an astute understanding of color vibrations.

Thirteen weeks. You can ignore all the sessions, including the live calls; and choose to access everything at once after the last gemstone release on May 2. Or you can follow along and digest this content slowly. Up to you. But the entire course will only be completely unveiled after thirteen weeks from starting. Early enrollers and live course participants begin on Thursday, Feb.7, and end on Thursday, May 2.

In addition to the Royal Gems 1 course curriculum, you'll also receive bonuses valued at $1321.00!

  • Live group calls with me once each month (if you enroll by Feb. 7th, when the course begins), so you can get all your questions answered and share your insights into the colors. [Three live group calls, valued at $300.] If you register after Feb. 7th 2019, you can listen to the recorded calls, but you just won't be able to participate live.
  • The Breastplate of Aaron Tutorial: The ancient Rabbis of Judaism used royal gems sewn into their clothes, calling on their powers for instruction and wisdom. (You can catch a glimpse of a breastplate in the miniseries, “A.D.”) Wouldn’t you love to understand these esoteric concepts? [Value: $197.]
  • Four guided meditations including four (4) NEW Gems not covered in this course. They are added here to give you a glimpse into higher-level usage of gems and their relation to the four elements. (Total transparency here... I want you to experience these because I think you can handle these once you understand the first thirteen gems.) Think of them as “Hypnotic Energy Upgrades!” The .mp3 recordings include: 1. Blue Topaz Royal Gem with fire element. 2. Red Jasper Royal Gem with earth element. 3. Amethyst Royal Gem with air element. 4. Aquamarine Royal Gem with water element. [Value: $497.] 
  • “Stress Relieving Royal Gems,” a surprise, downloadable .mp4 video recording. My clients are the inspiration behind this video, which I use to relax and gently transport you to a place of openness and carefree calm. This is bliss you can bring with you and access anywhere: hotel room, airport, busy conference, and college dorm room...any time you want your cares to dissipate. (Value: $300.)
  • YAC ebook, about living your best life in the body you were born with. It's not about dieting, it's about gifting the world with the unique individual inside "Your Actual Container." [Value: $27.]


Usually this course sells for $997, which includes all the pre-recorded calls with me, but as I re-release the Royal Gems 1 this year, I am cutting the price in half.

Absolutely! You'll know pretty quickly if this course is for you. Most people jump in and see and feel results right away. For the first three weeks of the course, you can try Royal Gems 1 and see for yourself. Play with the first few gems, Review the the videos. Practice the healing energetic work I teach. If it's not right for you, just let me know within those first three weeks and I'll refund your money.


Gift yourself with the mystical power to see and energize your life with mind-bending, tantalizing, rich color!


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