About Joyce


Joyce Stech has a long and interesting history and philosophy of life. Successful in many endeavors, she is very well noted for her martial arts accomplishments and is quite diversified in the energy healing field.

Joyce is a highly accomplished woman with diverse credentials in sales, marketing and communications, as a Kyoshi (Martial Arts Instructor), Author, International Instructor, Developer of the YAC™system and the Royal Gem Matrix Healing system, Certified Light Language Instructor, Certified Karuna Reiki Master Instructor, Certified Body Talk™ Practitioner, Reflexologist and NLP practitioner and an entrepreneur.


Ms. Stech is a 7th degree black belt with the title of Kyoshi, granted by Hanshi Takaya Yabiku. She also received her title of Shihan(Master/Teacher) license and certification in Okinawa and is the only female Internationally that has the privilege and honor of teaching the Okinawan Koshin-Ryu system. She holds various degrees in several styles. She is a body physics and body energy expert.

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