JOYCE STECH, The Inner Treasure Activator,
is a Master Teacher, Author,Life Coach, Spiritual Counselor. She is acknowledged Internationally as a Master Martial Artist (Kyoshi/7th degree black belt) and Master Teacher of the Healing Arts Through Color, Vibration and Divine Connection.

The Founder of the Royal Gems Matrix Healing System and YAC™, Your Evolutionary Power Tool, she has developed an International Certified Teachers Training Academy and is an Instructor in numerous Metaphysical methodologies and Esoteric teachings. Joyce's expertise in Individual Counseling and Coaching combine business with the spiritual, making your business "heaven on earth".

She is noted for her expertise in the energy physics of the human body and for her magnetism, outgoing personality and laser-sharp wit. She teaches, instructs and coaches with humor and high energy.

 Joyce believes in the constant and persistent growth of herself and her clients. With an Open Heart and Reflective Soul, she allows one to explore and grow in their personal Truth.

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