Joyce Stech, Your Inner Treasure Activator

In 1989 a dream was idea where various methods can be incorporated to improve people's self esteem, quality of life, health, and expansion of their personal paradigms.

Growth...personal enhancement...empowerment. The original name incorporated the concept...Resources Unlimited.

We all have them. They are unlimited. They are abundant. Today these unlimited resources are found on this website under the founder's name....

Meet Joyce

What's Your Missing Piece? June 3, 2024 9amPDT-10amPDT

LIVE - a way that everyone can have access to receiving a vibrational energy and message for the month. This month is an overall download, upload and heartload of the Royal Gem Green Aventurine, the Emotional Intelligence of Awareness of Others.

After the Show

This is a great place to request a "hot seat" or get to "dive deeper" into the subject matter of the month. Live with Joyce. Its amazing what this group dynamic brings to the table! The featured  "Missing Piece" of the Month" gives you insight into your spiritual needs working in your human world. Then you get your "seat at the table" to see what you need for the rest of the month to keep you on task.  Year membership is $360 or you can purchase  separately by the month for $49/month. 

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June 3, 2024

For every person there is a different and distinct way to connect with your Inner Resources. What you need to "make happen" in your life and the priorities and values of the things most important to you. What would be different in your life if you understood your true self, knew your personal "gifts/talents" and knew where they are best suited with your passion. Powerful stuff. This month we explore the Emotional Intelligence of Awareness of Others. And as we become more aware of the others around us how this enables us to know ourselves at a deeper level also.

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It's Like-Minded People!

9amPST-11amPDT . Hang out with like-minded individuals where it is safe to be you, express yourself and be heard. If you are looking for a non-judgmental space to explore the things that make you, you....this is the place. Give it a try. You'll be getting vibrational energetics, monthly energy from the Royal Gem and its attributes for the month and downloads, uploads and heartloads with other "like minded" individuals from all around the world. It's all about you! It's about "GOING FORWARD"!

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FREE Resources

Experience the Vastness of Yourself and Your Possibilities Through Royal Gems, Mastering Your Missing Piece, Sacred Weight Loss, and the Realm of Dragons... With Love, Understanding and a Little Bit of Fun!

Royal Gems

Color is Energy. Energy Heals.

Color can alter the course of your health, your relationships, your mood, and your destiny.  How? All cells in your body are affected by different, specific color vibrations. 

Experience these vibrations and allow the process of healing and manifesting your desires begin. Click below for your free 13 Royal Gems Mantras Experience

FREE Personal Experience of Royal Gem Energy

What's My Missing Piece?

Be 100% YOU and LOVE it!!!!

Unlock the Whole Picture of You --and turn it into the ever-evolving Masterpiece it is!

An empowering process that includes evolutionary power tools, 12 Essential Sacred Geometries, the Essence Triangle and several ways to create the lasting changes you desire, once and for all.

Make An Offer I Can't Refuse!

Your Inner Treasure

Drop the Bullsh*t , Start to Live!

Release your baggage and shift the paradigms that have caused you to struggle your entire life.

A different approach to find that missing piece, your Inner Treasure - the GEM that is YOU! 

Rediscover the real you ...that beautiful, untouched soul, beaming with life! 

Your Inner Treasure Map

Enter the Dragon Realm

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"Royal Gems is the fastest and most effective way to release any blocks in your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual fields. I have experienced tremendous tingling sensations all over my body and each session is an awakening of my being. I highly recommend to anyone who is looking for the best way to release old blocks or even hidden blocks from the past."

Ryoko Miller
Artist/Reiki Master

"I have experienced huge transformation with these techniques. In one weekend I cleared many issues and traumas that I had been harboring for years. I also feel that my normal breathing has improved. I was also very impressed with the knowledge and comfort offered. I felt completely safe and secure to really let go and achieve the maximum benefits from the course. "

Chandler Bold
Office Manager/Mother

"You helped me let go of old fears and trust that I am becoming the person I was born to be."

Cathy Morton

"I really thought that Royal Gems 1 would be sufficient for me, however Royal Gems 2 really opened my eyes and heart to the awesome possibilities to not only change my reality, but surrounding realities as well. I am very excited about using this information while working within the school setting. The possibilities for expanding communication and finding alternative teaching methods that will work with my autistic and non-verbal population are unlimited. Joyce, you are a wonderful teacher!"

Deb Kruel

"Joyce is a profound teacher with humor, truth, and focused power. She inspires everyone she touches to be courageous and determined about their search for truth."

Julie Rochelle Stephens
Consultant, Teacher, Workshop Leader

"I had several Royal Gem courses and personal consultation sessions with Joyce Stech. I always felt in a safe environment and she built up a very high trust level and confidence between myself and her. She worked on me in a very deep level of emotional healing that was there for a long time. After every session my body feels healed and strong and my mind is cleared from all the worries that accumulated over time. I am really grateful for all the wonderful work Joyce does with me. She makes every session a unique one with warmth, humor and joy. Thank you so much for everything."

Frank Haeussler
Mechanical Engineer

"Last week I was sent out info on Joyce Stech's Sacred Weight Loss Intro class. I went. What I found was finally someone who aligns completely with my philosophies on the subject. Weight loss is a symptom of much deeper problem - lack of self-love. So her method goes to root of the problem for a lasting 'cure'. Extra physical body weight is only one way this problem manifests. Emotional 'weight' comes in many forms: heart disease, diabetes, lack of true intimate relationships, lack of confidence, and the list goes on and on. So if this sparks something in you that is crying out to be addressed and healed, check out this method. There's no 'diet' plan; no focus on food restriction ( where's the love in that!), just focus on increasing the love within."

D. Thomas
Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher, SC

"The class (Royal Gems) was really great. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was amazed at how much this information is used all the time without our knowledge. Subliminally in the world. It is going to be nice to be able to harness this power for my own use in my own life. Pretty cool stuff. Thank you, Joyce. You’re wonderful."

Dr. Paul Ashbrook

"Joyce Stech is a loving bright star that must be experienced personally. She is authentic, powerful and dynamic as she guides you on the cutting edge of consciousness. Joyce has an amazing talent for weaving the magic of humor and play with the wisdom of the Divine. I recommend all serious students on the path to enlightenment to experience her mastery."

Dr. Suzan Rossi


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