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Royal Gems

Royal Gems is a powerful new idea, a healing system based on color vibrations and wavelengths of light. Supported by explanations from modern physics and biochemistry, perfect health requires a steady flow of this powerful energy. 

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Joyce is a 7th degree black belt (Koshin-Ryu), an Okinawan Traditional system. She also received her title of Shihan(Master/Teacher) license and certification in Okinawa and is the only female in the United States that has the privilege and honor of teaching the Okinawan Koshin-Ryu system. She holds various degrees in several styles.

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Sacred Weight Loss

Solve the mystery of weight loss by balancing the 12 Essences, and filling the "holes" which throw your perfect body size off balance. Your ideal weight is a function of your mental and behavioral health. Change your vibration, and release the pounds.

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About Joyce

Master Martial Artist and Master Teacher of the Healing Arts and Sacred Geometry. Founder of the Royal Gems Matrix Healing System™, and Founder of YAC™, Your Evolutionary Power Tool; Joyce believes in the constant and persistent growth of herself and her students.

With an Open Heart and Reflective Soul she allows one to explore and grow in their personal Truth.

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Joyce’s groundbreaking theory enables you to easily meditate on a full range of frequencies, beginning with the popular Royal Gems 1 Matrix for Sacred Healing.

For total health in body, mind and spirit  -- draw from the power of all 13 colors!

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The Red Dragon  - Adventures In Magic

The Red Dragon offers a wholistic approach (or as Joyce refers to it as "seeing the whole enchilada") to understanding the simplicity and, simultaneously, the complexity of the relationship of different modalities. The Red Dragon, Royal Gems Red Coral, the Heart, Sound vibrational healing of the heart, the Fire Element, and Muscles, Anatomy and Meridians all relate to the characteristics and qualities of vibrational healing within the system.


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Israel July 2019

Royal Gems and Retreat Spectacular Coming to Israel !


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