The Padawan Experience With Joyce


“Patience you must have my young Padawan.” Yoda


Three One-on-One Training Opportunities

Choose a VIP day, or longer mentorships. Keep it light, or dive in deep for personal exploration. Either way, you'll have fun and emerge transformed for good.

Discovery and VIP Treatment

One-on-one access to the Healing Jedi Master Joyce. Her joyful charisma and steady intensity challenges and focuses her students.This “Mini-Immersion” exposes the real you. Peel away the layers of uncertainty or fear. Plumb the potential and innate gifts inside and reveal their natural, exterior forms. Spend a full half day resonating with your inner peaceful warrior to steer yourself forward on your true path.

Let's Begin The Adventure!

Immersion “It’s all about YOU”

Upon acceptance, you will revel in the power of this 24 hour experience. Choose from one full day, to up to two 2-day sessions (i.e. two weekends of immersive work and play). Your total stress-free time with Joyce allows you to journey safely and smoothly toward divine acceptance and celebration of your essence. Face your environment, relationships and legacy-work with a soulful, energetic, cleansing calm upon your return home.


On Your Way...

When you are ready to step onto your path and journey forward, accountability is everything. Now is the time to follow-through from the intensity of your previous work with Joyce. Here she forcefully and generously holds space for you to be the bold and sincere being who you were born to be. This is a 6 month experience guaranteed to help you travel toward your heart’s purpose.


Guide To Self Mastery

This full year program is the highest level of commitment offered. Consider this an "INTENSIVE" Adventure....its like climbing Mount Everest, ultimate skydiving and Heli-skiing, all done simultaneously by going within. The end result.... discovering your Mastery.

It's like that "one thing" that Curly gives Mitch in the 1991 movie "City Slickers". Holding up his index finger, Curly explains that you need to figure out your one thing and stick to it. Of course the secret is both to have “one thing” and also know how to determine what it should be. The Guide to Self Mastery can be compared to Mitch's journey to find that "one thing"..

Not for everyone. Must be committed and ready, willing and able to meet the demands. Well worth the journey and the investment of time, money and energy. Request information with a free connect call click here now. 


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