Royal Gem Meditations

Royal Gem Meditations

Hosted by: Joyce Stech, The Healing Jedi Master

Need Stability? Need an energetic boost to your life force? This meditation allows you to increase your energetic field and remain grounded and centered at the same time.

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Royal Gem Mediations: Self Love

One of the most misunderstood and the most important of all the essence vibrations for your personal well-being and alignment is Self Love. All essences are important for the harmonic energetic flow, however, without...
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Royal Gem Meditations with Amethyst

Is it time to release old patterns (genetically, emotionally and environmentally) that no longer serve you? Energy workers...would you like to “step out of yourself” and connect to your client’s Higher Self andproceed...
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Royal Gem Meditations with Aquamarine

Are you ready to enter the Gateway to your Subconscious, the domain of your spirit and deepestemotions? Is it time for a full body Attunement to a Higher Spiritual Awareness? Would you like to be unconquerable through...
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Royal Gem Meditations with Blue Topaz

Need assistance thinking through complex ideas and concepts? Time to clarify what you want and want you don't want in your life?  Royal Gem Blue Topaz is a great Karmic reliever and magnifier of your psychic...
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Royal Gem Meditations: Deep Sleep

Currently under stressful conditions in your life?   Sleep patterns interrupted?   Without proper sleep our body, mind and spirit react from a "lesser" vibe.   This Deep Sleep meditation allows your body to receive...
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Royal Gem Meditations with Red Jasper

Need Stability? Need an energy boost to your life force? This Royal Gem Red Jasper meditation increases your energetic field while keeping you grounded and centered.
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