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All you need are an email address to receive information and log into you account; and a Paypal account to receive money when someone purchases a product on this website.


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Using the email and password you used to sign up, please log into your personal affiliate page here.

Here's you may access your affiliate link, which you will use to send your friends and followers to direct them to the sales page. If someone purchases a product, you will be paid the percentage promised per each campaign.

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This is the place where you can download images and copy related to the current campaigns Joyce is offering. Please join me here and get what you need to make your promotion a success!

Details about the Affiliate Program


I’m so excited to have you join me as an affiliate. My intention is to create the highest quality content you can be proud to share and promote; and to give you an opportunity to make money selling my products and courses. Of course, we’re going to have fun, too!

Affiliates are usually the first to hear about a new course, so after signing up, make sure that you add me to your safe sender list for smooth communication.

Now that you’re an affiliate, please note a few details about the program:

  1. Your affiliate sign in and your membership sign in to are different. Your logins are kept separate, so you will access the affiliate page through a different link from your membership link. In the navigation bar at the top of the website, please note the difference between the “Affiliates” link and the “Login” link. Your affiliate login page is
  2. If, as an affiliate, you are allowed access to a product or course I offer, you will access it through your membership link. I.e. “Login”. If you need to check your stats or obtain your affiliate link for sharing products with your followers, you will click the “Affiliates” link.
  3. It’s important that you use your individual affiliate link you received when you signed up. This ensures that you will be paid for your efforts in promoting and sharing my courses. If ever there are duplicate links used to access a sales page or a checkout page on, the most recent affiliate link clicked before a purchase is the one which will be paid out.
  4. A typical payout is sent to your Paypal account when someone purchases a course from Percentages vary, but usually for a group program online, you will receive between 40 - 60%. For a private VIP day or a course with more access to me and my team (at a higher price), payouts usually run between 10 - 20%.
  5. I will continue to keep you up to date on courses I am creating and offering, so you’ll be among the first to hear. I will also alert you to marketing materials and copy you may want to use in your emails and your social media posts as each campaign launches.
  6. Please know that I appreciate your confidence and trust in me. I am here to support you!. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns and I or one of my team will respond quickly. I welcome your feedback.

Thanks again,

Joyce Stech


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