Royal Gem Mediations: Self Love

One of the most misunderstood and the most important of all the essence vibrations for your personal well-being and alignment is Self Love. All essences are important for the harmonic energetic flow, however, without loving your self, without understanding love and understanding love of self, how can you understand your own personal needs, let alone understanding how to love others? Self Love is not self-ish. It is not about being self-centered and caring only about you. Self Love is about treating yourself with kindness, appreciation and gratitude. 

The Self Love Calendar, explained, are several "tools" or different ways you can start "appreciating" and treating yourself with reverence and honor on a daily basis. The "tools" are not meant to take a great deal of time to do, as it is not about the amount of time that is the goal. it is about focusing, at least once a day, on what the "inner you" needs and being able to deliver it. Simply, easily and with gratitude. (*copy of calendar can be found at Self Love Calendar


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